Frïs Vodka

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Frïs Vodka
Type Vodka
Manufacturer The Absolut Company (Pernod Ricard)
Country of origin Aalborg, Jutland Denmark
Introduced 1989
Proof (US) 80
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FRÏS (pronounced "FREES") is a Danish vodka brand owned by The Absolut Company (V&S Vin och Sprit AB),[1] part of Pernod Ricard group.[2]


FRÏS vodka was launched in the US in 1989 by Danish Distillers and Hiram Walker Distillers (Canada/US) and is distilled in Aalborg, Denmark, at the country’s oldest distillery – renowned for its aquavit tradition.[3] The distillery is the official purveyor of the Royal Danish Crown for Aquavit and Vodka, and is identified as part of the cultural heritage of Denmark.[4]

Danish Distillers was sold in 1999 to V&S Group, which was then acquired by Pernod Ricard Group in 2008.

FRÏS vodka is made of whole wheat grain from Denmark. FRÏS Vodka’s taste was awarded a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2000, 2001 and 2003.[5][6][7]

Freeze distillation[edit]

The name “Frïs” was completely made up – linking the Swedish word for "freezing" and the Danish word for "ice." The umlaut was added for style and memorability, although there is no umlaut in Danish. The name refers both to Scandinavia and to its patented process of distillation, the “Freeze distillation”.[citation needed] This process consists of lowering radically the temperatures during distillation to capture and freeze impurities. By doing so, unwanted fusel oils can be removed. This is an industrial process that cannot be reproduced by individuals: it is a process different from “Fractional freezing”, which contrary to Freeze distillation results in concentration of the fusel oils. As a result, the U.S. advertising theme, where it was initially launched, was "The colder it gets, the better it gets."

In complement to Freeze distillation, FRÏS vodka is 4 times distilled.

FRÏS Vodka is 40% alcohol per volume (80 proof).

Three flavored versions exist: FRÏS Grape, FRÏS Cherry and FRÏS Blueberry (35% alcohol per volume, 70 proof).[8] In 2012, FRÏS Vodka changed its look. It is now a product of Canada.

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