Frögärd i Ösby

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U 194 in Väsby has been attributed to Frögärd.
Uppland Runic Inscription U 203 beside Angarn Church in Uppland

Frögärd Ulvsdotter i Ösby (fl. 1017), was a Swedish Viking age runemaster. She has been referred to as the only historically confirmed female runemaster in Sweden.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

She was the daughter of Ulv Allesson. Her paternal grandfather, Nils Allesson, was a Viking in service of the fleet of Canute the Great, whose Vikings were sent home to Scandinavia in 1017.[1][2]


One runestone in Väsby (Össeby-Garn), with runic inscription U 194 in the Rundata catalog, is attributed to her. A stone which was placed beside Angarn Church in Uppland, U 203, may be signed by her.[1][2] However, author Birgit Sawyer stated that Alle raised the stone in memory of his son, Ulv, who was the father of Frögärd in Väsby.[3]

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