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Frölundaborgs isstadion 2.jpg
Location Mikael Ljungbergs väg 11
414 76 Gothenburg
Opened 1967

Frölundaborg, also known as Campus Frölunda, is an indoor arena located in the Frölunda borough of Gothenburg, western Sweden.

Frölundaborg is primarily used as an indoor venue for ice hockey games. It has a capacity of 7,600 people. The attendance record is 10,244, set in 1970. It also has been used when the main arena, Scandinavium, has been scheduled for other activities. This has been the case several times for unplanned matches, such as when Frölunda HC played in the Swedish Championship finals. It also serves as a venue for handball events.

Frölundaborg cost 6.3 million SEK (Swedish Krona) to build in 1967. Since then, 4.9 million SEK has been invested in the facility, which was valued to 3.7 million SEK in the beginning of 2006. The arena changed owners in February 2006 and underwent renovations for 100 million SEK in 2007 to make it a modern arena.

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Coordinates: 57°40′40.0″N 11°56′10.55″E / 57.677778°N 11.9362639°E / 57.677778; 11.9362639