Fröttmaninger Berg

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Fröttmaninger Berg
Highest point
Elevation75 m (246 ft) [1]
LocationBavaria, Germany
Mountain typeArtificial hill

Fröttmaninger Berg is a hill and recreational area on the edge of Munich, Germany. The 75-metre-high hill with a wind turbine on its top is artificial, it is a former landfill site. The nearby Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche [de] is the last remaining building of the abandoned village Fröttmaning, and the oldest extant church building in the city area of Munich.


  1. ^ Height above surrounding terrain.

Coordinates: 48°12′53″N 11°37′54″E / 48.21472°N 11.63167°E / 48.21472; 11.63167