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LaunchedNovember 2009
Current statusActive

Fracture is an Internet-based photo finishing service. Fracture's main service is printing photos directly onto glass.[1][2] The company is based in Gainesville, Florida.[3]


A startup company in North Central Florida, Fracture was founded by two graduates of The University of Florida, Alex Theodore and Abhi Lokesh.[4][5] They began selling their product in December 2009.[6] Theodore and Lokesh raised $1.5 million in funding from outside investors,[7] including Tamiami Angel Fund I in 2012.[8]

In 2011, after a Groupon promotion, sales increased significantly,[6] and the company moved to a larger building and had ten employees.[9] In 2013 the company raised an additional $500,000 to pay for further expansion.[7]

By 2014, the company had filled about 50,000 orders.[10]

By July 2015, the company had filled over 100,000 orders.[11]


Customers upload photos through the company's website[12] and get back those photos printed on a pane of shatterproof glass.[13][14] The process takes about 48 hours, and the photos can be as small as 5"x5" or as big as 21.6"x28.8".[15]

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