Fragile (Saron Gas album)

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Studio album by Saron Gas
Released November 2000
Recorded The Farm, Midrand, South Africa September 2000
Genre Alternative metal, grunge
Length 46:35
Label Musketeer, Sony BMG
Producer Brian O'Shea and Chris Tuck
Saron Gas chronology
Saron Gas 4 Track Demo
(as Seether)

Fragile is the debut album by the band Saron Gas, which would eventually become Seether. The album was released only in South Africa. After this album, Wind-up Records asked the band to change their name—because Saron Gas was a homophone for sarin gas, a deadly nerve agent—and the band decided on "Seether".

The versions of the tracks on this album are unique, though seven were re-recorded for Disclaimer. It is notable that all the singles from Disclaimer were originally from Fragile and no originals from the next album would be singles. "Take Me Away" was re-worked into an acoustic song for Disclaimer II.

The seven tracks re-recorded for Disclaimer were: "69 Tea", "Pride", "Fine Again", "Driven Under", "Your Bore", "Pig", and "Gasoline".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Beer" 2:47
2. "69 Tea" 3:36
3. "Pride" 4:22
4. "Fine Again" 4:03
5. "Empty" 4:15
6. "Tied My Hands" 5:13
7. "Take Me Away" 3:31
8. "Driven Under" 4:30
9. "Stay and Play" 3:05
10. "Your Bore" 3:40
11. "Pig" 4:27
12. "Dazed and Abused" 3:10
13. "Gasoline" (bonus track) 2:46
14. "Tied My Hands (Acoustic)" (bonus track) 4:48
15. "Senseless Tragedy" (bonus track) 3:16
Total length: 57:29