Fragments (magazine)

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Fragments Russia.jpg
Fragments cover, 1911.
Editor Nikolay Leykin
Viktor Bilibin
K. Mikhailov
Frequency Weekly
Year founded 1881
Final issue 1916
Based in St Petersburg
Language Russian

Fragments (Russian: Осколки) was a Russian humorous, literary and artistic weekly magazine published in St Petersburg from 1881 to 1916.


From 1881 to 1906 Fragments was published by the popular writer Nikolay Leykin. From 1906 to 1908 it was run by the humorist Viktor Bilibin.[1]

In the 1880s Fragments was known as the most liberal of Russian humorous magazines. Fragments played an important part in the early career of Anton Chekhov. From 1882 to 1887 Fragments published more than 270 of Chekhov's works.


Poets and writers[edit]



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