Fragments from a Space Cadet

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Fragments From A Space Cadet
Fragments From A Space Cadet Cover.gif
Studio album by Kenneth Bager
Released May 24, 2006
Genre Downtempo, Chillout, Electronic, Dub, Pop
Label Shhh! Music/VME
Producer Kenneth Bager
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Gaffa 4/6 stars[1]

Fragments From A Space Cadet is the debut album by Kenneth Bager for which he received the Statens Kunstfond's (The Danish Arts Foundation's) award.[2] It was released on May 24, 2006.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fragment Six" (Speak my name) ft. Camilla Munck
  2. "Fragment Zero" (And I kept dubbin')
  3. "Fragment One" (And I kept Hearing) ft. Gisli
  4. "Fragment Two" (The First Picture) ft. Julee Cruise
  5. "Fragment Eight" (The Sound of Swing) ft. The Hellerup Cool School Choir
  6. "Fragment Five" (Moonlight Talking) ft. Camilla Munck
  7. "Fragment Seven" (Les Fleurs) ft. Julee Cruise
  8. "Fragment Three" (Walther & Viola)
  9. "Fragment Ten" (On the floor — dub) ft. Julee Cruise
  10. "Fragment Four" (Love won't leave me alone) ft. Nikolaj Grandjean & Jean Luc Ponty
  11. "Fragment Nine" (Would you like to seduce me?)
  12. "Fragment Eleven" (The day after yesterday - a love story in five parts)
    1. Part 1: The Meeting
    2. Part 2: Traveling
    3. Part 3: The story ft. Julee Cruise
    4. Part 4: Reflections
    5. Part 5: It'll never happen again ft. Julee Cruise & Syd Matters


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