Fragments of Unbecoming

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Fragments of Unbecoming
Origin Laudenbach, Germany
Genres Melodic death metal
Years active 2000−present
Labels Sylphony Creations, Metal Blade, Cyclone Empire
Associated acts Mortified, Venereal Disease
Members Sam Anetzberger
Stefan Wiemar
Sascha Ehrich
Ingo Maier
Christopher Körtgen
Past members Wolfram Schellenberg

Fragments of Unbecoming is a melodic death metal band from Laudenbach, Germany. The band's guitarist Sascha Ehrich is also a renowned artist in the metal world, having designed album covers for bands such as Necrophagist. The band's name was taken from the lyrics for the Edge of Sanity song "Darkday".

Band members[edit]

Current line up[edit]

Former members[edit]

Guest appearances[edit]

  • Todd Collins (Lord Gloom of Afterlight) − Infinite Scream on "A Faint Illumination"



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