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Framasoft Logo.svg
MottoChanger le monde, un octet à la fois
(French: Change the world, one byte at a time)[1]
Formation2001; 18 years ago (2001) for the network, 2003 for the organisation [2][3]
Typenon-profit organisation
Legal statusAssociation
HeadquartersLyon, France
Region served
Official language

Framasoft is a popular and educational network using free software created in 2001 by Alexis Kauffmann. Since December 2003, it is supported by an eponymous association based in Lyon, France.[3] It is divided into three main branches of activities based upon a collaborative model: promotion, dissemination and development of free software, and enrichment of the open-source culture and online services.

Framasoft is one of the main Francophone portals to the open-source culture, both in terms of services and users. Its community regularly brings resources and assistance to people getting started with the free software environment, and contributes to its dissemination in schools as well as online and in professional environments. They also accompany people wishing to replace their proprietary software with open-source solutions at any point in the migration, notably from Microsoft Windows to Linux.[4]

The entirety of the production of Framasoft is created under free licenses to guarantee that everyone can benefit from it, without privatisation.

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