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Frame Arms Girl
Cover of the first Japanese Frame Arms Girl: Lab Days manga volume featuring Gourai.
(Frēmu Āmuzu Gāru)
Frame Arms Girl: Lab Days
Written byTsuneo Tsuneishi
Published byKadokawa Shoten
MagazineComp Ace
Original runDecember 26, 2016 – present
Anime television series
Directed byKeiichiro Kawaguchi
Produced byHiroaki Taneoka
Written byDeko Akao
Music byKeigo Hoashi
Kakeru Ishihama
Studio A-Cat
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, BS11, AT-X
Original run April 3, 2017 June 19, 2017
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
Anime film
Frame Arms Girl: Kyakkyau Fufu na Wonderland
Directed byKeiichiro Kawaguchi
Written byDeko Akao
Music byKeigo Hoashi
Kakeru Ishihama
Studio A-Cat
ReleasedJune 29, 2019 (2019-06-29)
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Frame Arms Girl (Japanese: フレームアームズ・ガール, Hepburn: Frēmu Āmuzu Gāru) is a model kit line produced by Kotobukiya, originally released in 2015 as a spin-off of its Frame Arms mecha line. A manga adaptation by Tsuneo Tsuneishi began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace magazine in December 2016. An anime television series based on the line aired from April 3, 2017 to June 19, 2017.[1][2] A new film titled Frame Arms Girl: Kyakkyau Fufu na Wonderland will premiere in June 29, 2019.


Based on the original Frame Arms line, Frame Arms Girl features the robots from that line portrayed as anthropomorphic girls, known as F.A. Girls for short, who can be equipped with various armor and weapon parts, including those from the Frame Arms and M.S.G weapon series. The line was designed by Humikane Shimada, based on Takayuki Yanase original mech designs.[1]

The anime adaptation follows a girl named Ao Gennai who is sent a prototype F.A. Girl known as Gourai and is tasked with helping her gather data on both battle and emotions. The two soon encounter more F.A. Girls, who Gourai battles against while also having various adventures alongside.[3]


Ao Gennai (源内 あお, Gennai Ao)
Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa[4]
A human girl who is given the job of providing data for the F.A. Girls.
Gourai (轟雷, Gōrai)
Voiced by: Narumi Kaho[4]
An F.A. Girl who is sent to Ao to gather emotion data. She is a ground-based fighter who can move quickly with tank-style treads but has a disadvantage over aerial types.
Stylet (スティレット, Sutiretto)
Voiced by: Yu Ayase[4]
A bossy F.A. Girl who gets flustered easily. Equipped with wings, she specializes in aerial combat.
Baselard (バーゼラルド, Bāzerarudo)
Voiced by: Rika Nagae[4]
An energetic F.A. Girl who likes to cause mischief. Like Stylet, she is an aerial type who focuses on guided laser weapons.
Materia Sisters (マテリア姉妹, Materia Shimai)
Voiced by: Erii Yamazaki[5]
A pair of F.A. Girls who have the same model and can be considered as sisters, given the names White (シロ, Shiro) and Black (クロ, Kuro) to distinguish from each other. They are oddly affectionate towards each other and take pleasure in torturing others, often omitting the use of armor in favor of powerful weaponry.
Architect (アーキテクト, Ākitekuto)
Voiced by: Hibiku Yamamura[5]
An F.A. girl who, along with the Materia Sisters, is the basis of every other F.A. Girl and, according to Stylet, has no physical body and only manifests herself during certain battles to carry out her programming. She was given a physical body after Gourai and Jinrai defeated her, loaded with the data generated during their battle.
Jinrai (迅雷, Jinrai)
Voiced by: Minami Kabayama[5]
A proud F.A. Girl who has a particularly obsession with the Sengoku period and specializes in ninja techniques.
Hresvelgr (フレズヴェルク, Furezuveruku)
Voiced by: Rika Abe[2]
A powerful F.A. Girl who gave Gourai her first defeat, causing Gourai to improve further.
Bukiko Kotobuki (寿 武希子, Kotobuki Bukiko)
Voiced by: Kanomi Izawa
Ao's best friend who is obsessed with model kits and often provides Ao with the latest parts.



A manga prequel written by Kotobukiya and illustrated by Tsuneo Tsuneishi, titled Frame Arms Girl: Lab Days (フレームアームズ・ガール ラボ・デイズ, Frēmu Āmuzu Gāru: Rabo Deizu), began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace magazine from December 26, 2016.


A 12-episode anime television adaption aired on Tokyo MX between April 3, 2017 and June 19, 2017, also airing on BS11 and AT-X.[1][4] The anime was directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi at studio Zexcs with scripts written by Deko Akao and the music is produced by Keigo Hoashi and Kakeru Ishihama.[6] Sentai Filmworks have licensed it for home video and digital release.[7] The series was streamed by the Anime Network.[8] The opening theme is "Tiny Tiny" by Rie Murakawa while the ending theme is "Fullscratch Love", performed by the series' voice actresses.

A sequel film titled Frame Arms Girl: Kyakkyau Fufu na Wonderland has been announced.[9][10] It was revealed that the film will be a compilation film with new added footage.[11] The film will premiere in June 29, 2019.[12]

No. Title[a] Original air date[14]
Transcription: "Gōrai" (Japanese: 轟雷)
"Stylet and Baselard"
Transcription: "Sutiretto to Bāzerarudo" (Japanese: スティレットとバーゼラルド)
April 3, 2017 (2017-04-03)
One day, a girl named Ao Gennai receives a package containing a small robot girl named Gourai. Revealing herself to be a Frame Arm Girl installed with an artificial intelligence, Gourai explains how she was sent to Ao to gather data on emotions. Two more F.A. Girls named Stylet and Baselord soon appear, with Stylet challenging Gourai to a Sessions Battle. Although Stylet initially gets the upper hand with her flight ability, Gourai manages to use her own skills to win the match.
2"Can a Sty-ko who Can’t Fly be Called "Sty-ko"?"
Transcription: "Tobenai Sutiko wa Sutiko de Ī no ka na?" (Japanese: 飛べないスティ子はスティ子でいいのかな?)
"We’re Gonna Clean!"
Transcription: "Osōji suru zo!" (Japanese: お掃除するぞ!)
April 10, 2017 (2017-04-10)
As Stylet acts strangely stiff whenever Gourai comes close to her, she assumes that some trauma is causing her to be unable to fly. After Gourai tries adminestering some shock therapy by kissing Stylet, Ao discovers that she had accidentally stepped on one of Stylet's parts the previous night. Later, Ao receives a seemingly broken cleaning robot, which ends up recording the F.A. Girls as they talk about Ao's embarrassing secrets. After Baselard breaks the robot to keep it quiet, she faces Gourai in a battle to pay Ao back, but loses due to the dust from the cleaning robot.
3"Let's Go to School"
Transcription: "Gakkō ni Ikō" (Japanese: 学校に行こう)
"Here Come the Materia Sisters"
Transcription: "Materia Shimai ga Yattekita" (Japanese: マテリア姉妹がやってきた)
April 17, 2017 (2017-04-17)
Base decides to follow Ao to school, prompting Gourai and Stylet to chase after her. Joined by Ao's model-kit obsessed friend, Bukiko Kotobuki, the girls track down Baselard as she starts stealing shiny things from the school. Later, two more F.A. girls known as the Materia sisters arrive and challenge Gourai and Stylet to a battle. As the Materia sisters prove overwhelming even without any armor, Ao gives Gourai a weapon she received from Bukiko, which successfully manages to defeat the sisters thanks to Stylet's support.
4"Jinrai Has Arrived!"
Transcription: "Jinrai Sanjō!" (Japanese: 順雷参上!)
"Redecorating is Fun"
Transcription: "Oheyazukuri wa Tanoshī na" (Japanese: お部屋づくりは楽しいな)
April 24, 2017 (2017-04-24)
Another F.A. Girl named Jinrai comes to Ao's place to battle against Gourai. After Gourai beats her once, Jinrai proposes a sumo match, only to lose that as well. Later, the girls are given their own miniature rooms to decorate. As each of the girls work hard to make their own personal rooms, the Materia sisters use almost all of Ao's savings for their own dollhouse room.
5"The Architect is Activated"
Transcription: "Ākitekuto Kidō" (Japanese: アーキテクト起動)
"The Errand Race"
Transcription: "Otsukai Rēsu" (Japanese: おつかいレース)
May 1, 2017 (2017-05-01)
Architect, an F.A. Girl without a physical body, intrudes on Gourai and Jinrai's battle, attacking with clones and pre-programmed subroutines that adapt to the situation. After Gourai and Jinrai manage to win the battle, Architect experiences an error in her programming, which Gourai manages to fix with her act of friendship. Afterwards, Architect receives a physical body and is delivered to Ao's place. Later, as the cleaning robot is fixed and given the name Sleipni-taro, the F.A. Girls hold a race to buy some vinegar for Ao, with each team facing their own troubles except for Architect.
6"Fireworks Festival of Feelings"
Transcription: "Kanjite Hanabi Taikai" (Japanese: 感じて花火大会)
"Let's Go to School 2"
Transcription: "Gakkō ni Ikō 2" (Japanese: 学校に行こう2)
May 8, 2017 (2017-05-08)
Ao prepares to go to a fireworks festival but is met with opposition from Jinrai, who believes she shouldn't wear underwear under her kimono. Although the resulting commotion leads Ao to miss the festival, she gets to watch them on the roof with the F.A. Girls. Later, as Ao attempts to finish her summer homework at the last minute, the F.A. Girls are tasked with fetching her notebook from school at night, providing Baselord and the Materia Sisters with an opportunity to scare them by pretending to be ghosts. However, the girls soon become the target of a haunted pair of nippers, which manages to fulfil its goal by snipping a leftover fragment off of Gourai's armor.
7"Vs. Hresvelgr"
Transcription: "VS Furezuveruku" (Japanese: VSフレズヴェルク)
"First Tale of the F.A. Girls"
Transcription: "Efu Ē Gāru Hajimete Monogatari" (Japanese: FAガールはじめて物語)
May 15, 2017 (2017-05-15)
While the F.A. Girls play a game of hide-and-seek, Hresvelgr, the self-proclaimed "strongest F.A. Girl", arrives to face Gourai in a battle, managing to completely defeat her. As Gourai feels frustrated over her loss, Ao asks Bukiko about how F.A. Girls are made, helping Gourai to better understand herself and aim to become stronger. After Ao sends in a report, Factory Advance sends her boxloads of new parts.
8"The Pep Rally"
Transcription: "Kekki Shūkai" (Japanese: 決起集会)
"Autumn Beckons..."
Transcription: "Aki ni Yobarete…" (Japanese: 秋に呼ばれて…)
May 22, 2017 (2017-05-22)
After a successful test of Gourai's new parts, the F.A. Girls hold a pep rally for Gourai in preparation for a rematch against Hresvelgr. Later, as Autumn rolls in, Ao takes Gourai to the park where she used to go as a kid. There, they come across a girl named Guriko, who leads them to a time capsule Ao had buried containing some mementos, including the Guriko doll she used to have.
9"Ah, I'll Catch a Cold"
Transcription: "Ao, Kaze o Hiku" (Japanese: あお、風邪をひく)
"Together Again Tomorrow"
Transcription: "Ashita Mo Issho ni" (Japanese: あしたもいっしょに)
May 29, 2017 (2017-05-29)
Ao ends up catching a cold, prompting the F.A. Girls to go to extreme lengths to figure out how to treat her. When their various methods only make things worse, Gourai learns to consider Ao's feelings and ask her how best to care for her. While resting from her cold, Ao has a dream in which Gourai and the other F.A. Girls are all regular human girls who go to school with her.
10"Hot Pot Day"
Transcription: "Nabe no Aru Hi" (Japanese: 鍋のある日)
"Battle! Battle!! Battle!!!"
Transcription: "Batoru! Batoru!! Batoru!!!" (Japanese: バトル!バトル!!バトル!!!)
June 5, 2017 (2017-06-05)
Ao holds a hot pot party, but the F.A. Girls can't agree on what kind of hot pot to have. Upon having her hot pot, Ao inadvertently breaks one of the Session Bases used for battles after mistaking it for a hot pot stand. Just then, Hresvelger shows up to challenge Gourai to another battle, revealing that all the F.A. Girls will be recalled to Factory Advance should Gourai lose. Angered by Hresvelgr's treatment of Ao, Gourai launches a powerful attack to clash against hers, resulting in a power cut that forces the match into a draw.
11"What Lies Behind That Emotion"
Transcription: "Sono Kimochi no Uragawa ni" (Japanese: その気持ちの裏側に)
"A Public Bath! A Battle?!"
Transcription: "Sentō! Sentō!?" (Japanese: 銭湯!戦闘!?)
June 12, 2017 (2017-06-12)
As Gourai becomes paranoid over Hresvelgr's threats, Ao visits Hresvelgr at her laboratory to try and understand why she wants to battle against Gourai. Later, Ao and Bukiko go to a public bath while the F.A. Girls go to their own virtual public bath via their Session Bases. Afterwards, Hresvelgr appears in a frightening upgraded form, Hresvelgr-Ater, to once again face Gourai, notably lacking the joy of battles she had previously shown. However, Hresvelgr's upgrades start to overflow, causing her to go berserk.
12"Last Battle"
Transcription: "Rasuto Batoru" (Japanese: ラストバトル)
"That Which I Give to You"
Transcription: "Kimi ni Okurumono" (Japanese: 君に贈るもの)
June 19, 2017 (2017-06-19)
Spurred on by Ao's wish to help Hresvelgr, the other F.A. Girls send all of their weapons to Gourai to help her fight the berserk Hresvelgr. With everyone's combined strength, Gourai manages to win the battle and put a stop to Hresvelgr, who returns to her senses. Shortly afterwards, Gourai is taken by a recall drone to Factory Advance, but luckily it turns out to be a temporary recall for maintenance. Later, on Christmas Eve, Ao holds a Christmas party to welcome Hresvelgr, during which Gourai asks Ao to share her surname. Wanting surnames of their own, the other F.A. Girls decide to set off in search of their own special partners, holding a live show for Ao as a send-off. Meanwhile, another F.A. Girl is in development.


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