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Frame drum

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Frame drum
Different frame drums
Hornbostel–Sachs classification211.3
Bodhrán with cipín (tipper)

A frame drum is a drum that has a drumhead width greater than its depth. It is one of the most ancient musical instruments, and perhaps the first drum to be invented.[citation needed] It has a single drumhead that is usually made of rawhide, but man-made materials may also be used. Some frame drums have mechanical tuning, while on many others the drumhead is tacked in place. The drumhead is stretched over a round, wooden frame called a shell. The shell is traditionally constructed of rosewood, oak, ash etc. that has been bent and then scarf jointed together; though some are also made of plywood or man-made materials. Metal rings or jingles may also be attached to the frame. In many cultures [which?] larger frame drums are played mainly by men in spiritual ceremonies, while medium-size drums are played mainly by women. [citation needed]

Types of frame drums[edit]