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Framilode is a village on the banks of the River Severn in Gloucestershire, England. It consists of two settlements, Framilode Passage (as this is where the ferry passage was across the river) and Upper Framilode. It lies in the parish of Fretherne with Saul.

The River Frome enters the Severn at Upper Framilode, and the name, first recorded in the 7th century, means "Frome crossing point", probably signifying a crossing of the Severn by the mouth of the Frome. There was a ferry across the Severn here, which continued in occasional use until the Second World War.[1]

The Stroudwater Canal also entered the Severn at Upper Framilode, but by the 1920s the stretch between the junction with the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal and the Severn fell into disuse.


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Coordinates: 51°48′N 2°22′W / 51.800°N 2.367°W / 51.800; -2.367