François-André-Adrien Pluquet

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François-André-Adrien Pluquet (14 June 1716 – 18 September 1790) was a French theologian and philosopher. Best known for his Dictionary of Heresies (1762), he also wrote treatises on determinism, sociability and luxury.


Pluquet was born in Bayeux. He studied in Caen and Paris, becoming a licencié of the Sorbonne in 1750. He worked as tutor to the abbé de Choiseul, younger brother of the Duc de Choiseul, who provided him with a pension allowing him to pursue independent study.[1]


  • Examen du fatalisme (Examination of determinism), 1757
  • Dictionnaire des hérésies, des erreurs et des schismes (Dictionary of heresies, errors and schisms), 1762
  • De la sociabilité (On sociability), 1767
  • (tr. from Latin) Les livres classiques de l'Empire de la Chine (The classical books of the Chinese Empire) by François Noël. 7 vols, 1784-86.
  • Traité philosophique et politique sur le luxe (Philosophical and political treatise on luxury), 2 vols, 1786


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