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François-Gilles Montfort (Saint-Malo, 16 January 1769 - Marseille, 25 March 1826[1][2][3]) was a French naval officer.


Captaining the 44-gun frigate Pauline, Montfort took part in the Action of 27 February 1809.

In 1811, Montfort was put in charge of a frigate squadron comprising Pauline, Pomone and Persanne, with his flag on Pauline. The ships were to ferry artillery equipment from Corfu to Trieste. The squadron met with a British squadron under Murray Maxwell, resulting in the Action of 29 November 1811 in which Pomone and Persanne were captured.

Montfort was court-martialled for the loss of the two ships under his command. For his failure to support these ships, his conduct was deemed cowardly, and he was relieved of command.[4]

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