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The Wrath of Achilles, by François-Léon Benouville (Musée Fabre)

François-Léon Benouville (Paris 30 March 1821 – 16 February 1859 Paris) was a French painter.

Life and Career[edit]

Léon Benouville first studied with his elder brother Jean-Achille Benouville (1815–1891) in the studio of François-Edouard Picot before he transferred to École des Beaux-Arts in 1837. Like his brother he received the Prix de Rome in 1845. In Rome, as a Prix de Rome pensionary at the Villa Medici. His works produced in Rome are influenced by early Christianity and often show representations of antiquity.

Work and style[edit]

Benouville was best known for his portraits,mythological and religious compositions in the Neoclassical and Orientalist style. He worked in oils, ink and chalk.

Awards, prizes and honours[edit]

In 1845, Benouville, together with contemporary Alexandre Cabanel, was the recipient the Prix de Beaux Arts for his painting, Jesus at the Pretorium. [1]

Select list of paintings[edit]

  • Portrait of Leconte de Floris 1840
  • Melancholy c. 1843
  • Esther 1844
  • The Mockery of Christ 1845
  • The Wrath of Achilles 1847
  • Christian Martyrs enter the Amphitheatre, c.1855


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