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The Inauguration of Charles II, King of Spain, as Count of Flanders, in 1666, in the Vrijdagsmarkt at Ghent, 1666-1668, now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent

François Duchatel or Du Chastel (1616–1694) was a Flemish painter.


Duchatel was born at Brussels in 1616. He is said to have been a pupil of David Teniers the younger, whose style he followed in some of his pictures, representing village festivals; but he is more known for his small family portraits and conversations in the manner of Gonzales Coques, and his pictures are not infrequently taken for those of that master. He is said to have worked also in Paris in conjunction with Van der Meulen. His most considerable work is a large picture in the Museum at Ghent, representing 'The Inauguration of Charles II, King of Spain, as Count of Flanders, in 1666, in the Marche au Vendredi at Ghent'; it is dated 1668, and was engraved by Lucas Vorsterman II. Duchatel's works are very rare: there is in the Louvre 'A Cavalier and two other persons' in the Museum at Avignon, 'The Interior of a Guard-House' in the Brussels Gallery, 'Portraits of two little Girls'; and in the Copenhagen Gallery, 'Tric-Trac Players'. The 'Panorama of Valenciennes', in the Antwerp Gallery, though ascribed to Teniers, is set down by some critics to Duchatel. He died in 1694.[1]

The entry of the Prince de Ligne in London, 1660



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