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François Goeske (2009)

François Goeske[nb 1] (born 18 March 1989 in Saint-Doulchard, Département Cher, Sologne, France ) is a French-German actor, voice talent and musician. He currently lives in Munich, Germany.


Goeske's parents nurtured his musical talent in his childhood. During that time he also discovered his passion for the stage. At the age of nine he was accepted into the children's choir of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. With them he was on stage performing as a soloist in La Boheme and Pique Dame, among other performances. He appeared as a leading actor in the Uli Brees musical Teddy – a Musical Dream.[1][2][3]

He had his first part in a theatrical film as 'Kreuzkamm Junior' in The Flying Classroom in 2003.[1] Shortly afterwards he lent his singing voice to Mowgli in the German version of Jungle Book 2.[1][4] Aside from other dubbing assignments, Goeske could be seen in various TV shows. In 2004 production commenced on the shoot of Joseph Vilsmaier's Bergkristall, which hit the German film theaters in the winter of 2004/2005. In that film Goeske played the lead role of Konrad. For this achievement he received the Junior Media Award 'White Elephant' at 2005's Filmfest München[5] and a nomination for the International Undine Award (together, among others, with Alexandra Maria Lara, Tom Schilling, Mavie Hörbiger, Kostja Ullmann and Robert Stadlober).[6]

In the summer of 2005, Goeske played the lead in the German-French theatrical feature French for Beginners[7] (with co-stars like Christian Tramitz, among others), which was distributed in 2006 by Concorde Film in Germany. For this film, Goeske was again nominated for an International Undine Award in the fall of 2006.[8][9]

In 2007, Goeske played 'Jim Hawkins' in the new TV version of the adventure classic Treasure Island. At his side were, among others, performers like Tobias Moretti, and Jürgen Vogel.[10] Right after that he shot a re-make of the anti-war classic The Bridge with Franka Potente.[11]

In the summer of 2008, Goeske was hired as the protagonist of the film adaptation of Summertime Blues; the English young adult novel by Julian Clarke of the same name.[12][13]

In the fall of 2008, Goeske earned his third nomination for the International Undine Award, this time for his performance in Treasure Island.[14]

In 2010, Goeske played alongside Liv Lisa Fries in the youth drama She deserved it by author and director Thomas Stiller.[15] For his depiction he was awarded the Wild and Young Awards as best actor in 2012.[16][17][18]

In 2011 he took the leading part in Lost Place, a 3-D mystery thriller directed by Thorsten Klein, which will hit German theaters on 19 September 2013 (NFP/Warner Bros.).[19][20][21] Also in post-production is the film version of the novel Besser als nix (directed by Ute Wieland; written by Nina Pourlak), in which he also can be seen as the protagonist.[22] The German theatrical release is planned for 2014.

Goeske has been a member of the German Film Academy (Deutsche Filmakademie) since 2011.[23]

Filmography (excerpt)[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2003 The Flying Classroom Kreuzkamm jr. German Film Award 2003
2004 Rock Crystal (Bergkristall) Konrad White Elephant Award 2005 (Filmfest München), Int. Undine Award (nom. Best Young Actor)
2006 French for Beginners (Französisch für Anfänger) Henrik Int. Undine Award (nom. Best Young Actor)
2009 Summertime Blues Alex Several nominations
2011 Pinocchio – No Strings attached Pinocchio
2013 Lost Place Daniel coming September 2013
2014 Better Than Nothing (Besser als nix) Tom Rasmus Postproduction
Year Title Role Notes
2006 Ladyland Sven Rainer
2007 Tarragona - Day of Disaster Michael
2007 Treasure Island Jim Hawkins Int. Undine Award (nom. Best Young Actor)
2008 The Bridge Albert Mutz Remake of the 1959 film
2009 Faktor 8 - Der Tag ist gekommen Frank
2009 Sleeping Beauty Fynn
2010 Kommissarin Lucas Michael Schmidbauer
2011 She deserved it (Sie hat es verdient) Josh Wild and Young Awards (Best actor)
2011 SOKO Köln Nino Helmer
2011 SOKO Stuttgart Johannes Dahm
2012 Ein starkes Team Jannick
2012 Schlaflos in Schwabing Florian
2013 SOKO 5113 Julian Gruber


International Undine Award

  • 2005: Best leading actor | Rock Crystal | nom.
  • 2006: Best comedian | French for Beginners | nom.
  • 2008: Best leading actor | Treasure Island | nom.

Filmfest München »White Elephant Award«

  • 2005: Special acting award | »White Elephant«  | Rock Crystal

CMA Wild and Young Awards

  • 2008: Best actor national | silver | Treasure Island
  • 2008: Most popular male celebrity national | silver
  • 2009: Best actor national | silver | The Bridge
  • 2010: Best actor national | bronze | ‘‘Summertime Blues
  • 2012: Best actor national | gold | She deserved it‘‘

International Filmfestival Cinepécs Hungary

  • 2010: Best actor national | bronze Best Feature | Summertime Blues | nom.

International Filmfest Emden

  • 2009: Best actor national | bronze Bernhard Wicki Award | Summertime Blues | nom.
  • 2009: Best actor national | bronze NDR Film Award | Summertime Blues | nom.
  • 2009: Best actor national | bronze EZetera Film Award | Summertime Blues | nom.

Hachenburger Filmfest

  • 2009: Youth Review Award »Young Lion« | Summertime Blues

Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung

  • 2009: Rating »valuable« | Summertime Blues
  • 2004: Rating »high valuable« | Rock Crystal
  • 2002: Rating »valuable« | The Flying Classroom

Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels

  • 2008: Best Mini Series | Treasure Island | nom.

Giffoni Film Festival (Hollywood)

  • 2007: Best Film 15-17 | French for Beginners

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (Just Film)

  • 2007: Audience Award | French for Beginners

Sprockets Toronto – International Film Festival for Children

  • 2007: Audience Award | French for Beginners

WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival

  • 2007: Special Jury Remi | French for Beginners

German Film Award

  • 2003: Best Children‘s Film | The Flying Classroom

Golden Sparrow

  • 2003: Best Feature | The Flying Classroom


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  1. ^ The actual spelling of the last name is 'Göske'. Since Goeske's participation in international productions was increasing, the agency decided in 2006 to change the official spelling to Goeske. Still, both spellings appear to date in press releases and on the web.

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