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François Marcantoni (28 May 1920 in Alzi, Corsica – 17 August 2010 in Paris) was a Corsican gangster, member of French resistance, a bank robber and a writer.

World War II[edit]

In 1942, during World War II, Marcantoni participated in a sabotage operation in Toulon. He refused to collaborate with the regime of Vichy France. In the 1950s, he was involved in a series of bank robberies.[1]

Markovic affair[edit]

Marcantoni was under investigation in 1968 for the killing of Stevan Marković, a bodyguard for Alain Delon. One of the factors pointing in his direction was a letter Markovic sent to his brother Aleksandar wherein he wrote: "If I get killed, it's 100% the fault of Alain Delon and his godfather François Marcantoni". Marcantoni spent 11 months in custody but was released in December 1969 because the prosecutor could not prove his guilt.[2]


Marcantoni wrote two books:

  • Markovic affair - 1976
  • Who killed Markovic? - 1985


He died on 17 August 2010, aged 90 in Paris.[2]


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