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The Persian Envoy Mirza Mohammed Reza-Qazvini meeting with Napoleon I at the Finckenstein Palace, 27 Avril 1807, by François Mulard.

François Henri Mulard (1769–1850) was a neoclassical French painter.[1]

He is known for painting the encounter of Persian envoy Mirza Mohammed Reza Qazvini with Napoleon at the Finckenstein Palace on 27 April 1807.[2]


François Mulard was a student of Jacques-Louis David and has been admitted to the competition of the Prix de Rome in 1799 where he won a second prize. He competed again in 1802, but was not ranked.

He was a painter at the Royal Gobelins Manufactory, where he teaches drawing as the director of the living model, with students working each week alternately on plaster models or live male models[3].

He is the author of the painting commemorating the meeting of Persian envoy Mirza Mohammed Reza Qazvini with Napoleon I at the Finckenstein Palace on April 27, 1807[4].

In 1830, he was one of the co-founders of the Free Society of Fine Arts in Paris, where he became vice-president in 1832 along with his colleague Louis-Alexandre Péron (1776-1855).


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