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François Ngeze (born in Bujumbura Province)[1] was the head of state of Burundi from 21 October 1993 to 27 October 1993.[2][3] He was chosen by the military Committee of Public Salvation, a group of army officers that overthrew the democratically elected government of president Melchior Ndadaye (who was killed during the coup).

Ngeze, one of the few prominent Hutu members of UPRONA (Union for National Progress) at the time, was interior minister in the government of Pierre Buyoya, who was defeated by Ndadaye in elections held on 1 June 1993.

Following widespread condemnation of the coup, the Committee of Public Salvation was dissolved on 27 October. Sylvie Kinigi, prime minister in the Ndadaye government, took over as acting president.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Melchior Ndadaye
President of Burundi
Succeeded by
Sylvie Kinigi