François Pierre Rodier

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François Pierre Rodier (b.1854) was Governor General for various colonies in the Second French Colonial Empire under Third Republic. He was born in Vieille-Brioude of Haute Loire département, France.

Titles held[edit]

Government offices
Preceded by
Léon Jean Laurent Chavassieux
(Acting for Jean-Marie de Lanessan)
Governor-General of French Indochina

December 1894–February 1895
Succeeded by
Paul Armand Rosseau
Preceded by
Henri Félix de Lamothe
Governor General of Cochinchina
Succeeded by
Olivier Charles Arthur de Lalande de Calan
Preceded by
Louis Jean Girod
Gouverneur Général de l'Inde française
February 1898–11 January 1902[1]
Succeeded by


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