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Françoise Barrière (born 1944) is a French editor, writer and composer.


Françoise Barrière was born in Paris and studied at the Conservatoire de Versailles and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris. She continued her studies in ethnomusicology at the Ecole Pratique de Hautes Etudes.[1] Barrière worked at the Service de la Recherche, ORTF, and in 1970 became co-founder and director of the International Institute of Electroacoustic Music of Bourges with Christian Clozier.[2]

Barrière is instrumental in organizing the Bourges International Competitions at the Synthese Festival. She manages the magazine Faire and the Mnémosyne Musique Media company which published the annual works of the International Academy of Electroacoustic Music and the Cultures Electroniques and Chrysopée Electronique CDs.[3]

Barrière is a founder of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (ICEM) and has served as its president beginning in 2005. Her works have been played internationally at concerts and festivals and through radio broadcasts.[4]


Barrière composes electroacoustic music and blended electroacoustic and instrumental music. Selected works include:

  • Françoise Barrière / Christian Clozier - Cordes-Ci, Cordes-Ça / La Discordatura (LP, Album) Pathé Marconi EMI 1972
  • Christian Clozier / Françoise Barrière - Ritratto Di Giovane / Symphonie Pour Un Enfant Seul (3xLP) Not On Label 1976
  • Par Temps Calme Et Ensoleillé (CD, Album) Le Chant Du Monde 1992
  • Scènes Des Voyages D'Ulysse (CD, Album) IMEB 1999


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