Françoise Tisseur

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Françoise Tisseur
Fields Mathematics
Alma mater University of St-Etienne[1]
Doctoral advisor Mario Ahues[2]
Alain Largillier[2]
Notable awards

Whitehead Prize[3](2010)

Adams Prize[4] (2012)

Françoise Tisseur is a numerical analyst and Professor of Numerical Analysis[1][5] at the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK. She works in numerical linear algebra and in particular on nonlinear eigenvalue problems and structured matrix problems, including the development of algorithms and software.[1][6]

She is a graduate of the University of St-Etienne, France, from where she gained her Maitrise (Mathematical Engineering) in 1993, Diplome d’Etude Approfondie in 1994, and PhD (Numerical Analysis) in 1997.

She has contributed software to LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, and the MATLAB distribution.

Tisseur is a member of the editorial boards of the SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications and the IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis.


Tisseur was awarded the 2010 Whitehead Prize by the London Mathematical Society for her research achievements in numerical linear algebra, including polynomial eigenvalue and structured matrix problems.[3] She was awarded the 2011-2012 Adams Prize of the University of Cambridge for her work on polynomial eigenvalue problems.[4]



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