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François Bourgade (born 7 July 1806 in Gaujan, died 21 May 1866 in Paris) was a French missionary and philosopher. He was one of the first French missionaries to Muslim North Africa.[1]

Books published[edit]

  • La Clef Du Coran (1852), faisant suite aux Soirées De Carthage (1847), Reprinted by the Nabu Press (2010) ISBN 1-1462-3352-3
  • Passage du Coran (1855)
  • La Toison d'Or de la Langue Phénicienne (1852, 1856)
  • Lettre à M. E. Renan à l’Occasion de Son Ouvrage Intitulé Vie de Jésus, Martin-Beaupré Frères (1864)


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