Fran Hopper

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Fran Hopper
Born Frances Deitrick
(1922-07-13) July 13, 1922 (age 94)
Nationality American
Area(s) Artist
Pseudonym(s) France
Notable works
Fiction House titles

Fran Hopper (b. July 13, 1922), née Frances Deitrick, also credited as France, is a retired American comic book artist who was active during the Golden Age of Comic Books. She was one of the comic artists working for publisher Fiction House, drawing many of their prominent titles, including Jane Martin, Glory Forbes, Camilla, Mysta of the Moon, and Gale Allen and Her All Girl Squadron. She started working for Fiction House in 1943; while there, she became friends with fellow female cartoonist Lily Renée.

She married Dr. John B. Hopper II in 1944 and started signing her name as "Fran Hopper."

Her last credited work appeared in 1948.[1] After she left comics, she raised Arabian horses with her husband. They had three children, John B. Hopper III, Peter B. Hopper, and Dr. Anne R. Knutson. She currently lives in senior housing in Toms River, New Jersey.[2]


In 2000, Hopper was nominated to the Friends of Lulu Hall of Fame.


  • Dime Comics (1946) #1
    • The Looting of Atlantis (Green Dragon story)
  • Jungle Comics (1940) #53–55, 58–62, 64, 66–68, 70–92
    • Monkey Business – The Tree-Folk of Africa
    • Jungle Raiders
    • Lore of the Jungle Giants
    • African Wild Life
    • Jungle Facts
    • Camilla
    • Captain Terry Thunder
  • Kaänga Comics (1949) #12
    • Camilla
  • Movie Comics (1946) #1
    • Mitzi of the Movies
  • Planet Comics (1940) #23–26, 28–42, 48–49, 68
    • Life On Venus
    • Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron
    • First Earthman On Mars
    • Murder In the Stars
    • The Victory of Klon
    • Doorway To Destruction
    • Mysta of the Moon
  • Rangers of Freedom/Ranger Comics (1941) #11–18, 25–27, 31
    • Private Elmer Pippin and the Colonel's Daughter
    • Glory Forbes
  • Wings Comics (1940) #41–44, 46–47, 49, 67–84
    • Jane Martin
    • Yank Aces of World War II


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