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Kosler's Thicket in the Ljubljana Marsh

Franc Frakelj (a.k.a. Peter Skalar) (19 January 1917–?)[1]:427 was a member of the collaborationist Slovene Home Guard[citation needed] (after the Italian fascist capitulation in 1943) and a member of a secret murderous militia called Črna roka (Black Hand) who is accused of killing over 60[citation needed] people during the Second World War. He and his group used wooden sticks to massacre local people[citation needed] in the winter of 1943–44 in Kosler's Thicket in the marshes south of Ljubljana.[citation needed]

Frakelj was born in Dražgoše (a part of Železniki), a village in northwestern Slovenia, which was destroyed in 1942 by the German Army. Before the Battle of Turjak Castle (September 19, 1943) Frakelj was the commander of a stronghold of village guards in Tomišelj south of Ljubljana.[citation needed]

He died in Canada living under the name Peter Markis.[1]:430[2]

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