Franc Jozeph Island

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Franz Joseph Island
Native name: Ishulli i Franc Jozefit
Franz Joseph Island is located in Albania
Franz Joseph Island
Franz Joseph Island
Location Buna River; Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 41°50′50″N 19°22′29″E / 41.84722°N 19.37472°E / 41.84722; 19.37472Coordinates: 41°50′50″N 19°22′29″E / 41.84722°N 19.37472°E / 41.84722; 19.37472
Area 0.05 km2 (0.019 sq mi)
Highest elevation 4 m (13 ft)
County Shkodër
Municipality Shkodër
Municipal unit Velipojë
Population uninhabited

Franz Joseph Island (or Franz Josef, Franc Jozeph, etc.) (Albanian: Ishulli i Franc Jozefit) is an island located at the mouth of the Buna River in Albania. The island is made up of rich alluvial soil and becomes a peninsula depending on the size of the river's flow. This island is an important nesting ground for many seabirds, especially the family Ardeidae.[1]

The island is low ground covered with a sandy seashore and dominated by alder trees. The trees are 75 years of age and reach a height of 16 m (52 ft). The island receives few foreign tourists and attracts for its quietness.[1]

The name was given to the island by Austrian cartographers in 1870.[2] It is believed that the name was chosen in honor of the Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria.


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