Franc Jozeph Island

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This article is about an Albanian island. For the archipelago within Arctic Russia, see Franz Josef Land.
Franz Joseph Island
Franc Jozeph Island is located in Albania
Franc Jozeph Island
Franz Joseph Island (Albania)
Location Buna River; Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 41°50′50″N 19°22′29″E / 41.84722°N 19.37472°E / 41.84722; 19.37472Coordinates: 41°50′50″N 19°22′29″E / 41.84722°N 19.37472°E / 41.84722; 19.37472
Area 0.05 km2 (0.019 sq mi)
Highest elevation 4 m (13 ft)
County Shkodër
Municipality Shkodër
Municipal unit Velipojë
Population uninhabited

Franz Joseph Island (or Franz Josef, Franc Jozeph, etc.) (Albanian: Ishulli i Franc Jozefit) is an island located at the mouth of the Buna River in Albania. The island is made up of rich alluvial soil and becomes a peninsula depending on the size of the river's flow. This island is an important nesting ground for many seabirds, especially the family Ardeidae.[1]

The island is low ground covered with a sandy seashore and dominated by alder trees. The trees are 75 years of age and reach a height of 16 m (52 ft). The island receives few foreign tourists and attracts for its quietness.[1]

The name was given to the island by Austrian cartographers in 1870.[2] It is believed that the name was chosen in honor of the Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria.


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