Franca di Rienzo

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Franca Di Rienzo
Occupation(s) Singer

Franca Di Rienzo is an Italian singer

Eurovision Song Contest 1961[edit]

In 1961, Di Rienzo represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1961 with the song "Nous aurons demain" (We'll have tomorrow). Di Rienzo finished in third place receiving 16 points.

After Eurovision[edit]

In 1963, Di Rienzo participated in the International Song Contest in Sopot, Poland, among others with a song by Christian Chevallier. Di Rienzo then became the lead singer of French folk band Les Troubadours.

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Preceded by
Anita Traversi
with "Cielo e terra"
Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
Jean Philippe
with "Le retour"