France–Malaysia relations

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France–Malaysia relations
Map indicating locations of France and Malaysia



France–Malaysia relations refers to a foreign relations between the two countries, France and Malaysia. France has an embassy in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia has an embassy in Paris.


The relations started after the Federation of Malaya achieved independence on 1957, although the first Malayan ambassador to France only arrived in Paris on 1959.[1] During the administration of Jacques Chirac and Mahathir Mohamad, the relations significantly improved especially in economics, politics and culturally aspects.[1]

Economic relations[edit]

Many French companies has started investment in Malaysia mainly in technology sectors.[2] Currently Malaysia has been consider by France as the second largest economic partner in ASEAN and there are 260 French companies operating which are ready to support all projects to turn Malaysia to become a fully developed country by 2020.[3]

Education and culture[edit]

Since 1960s, the French government has provided grants and scholarships to Malaysian students to study in France especially on science and technical fields.[1] While in Malaysia, around 100 French students go to Malaysia every year to study.[4]

Security relations[edit]

France are one of Malaysia's main military partners in the supply of military equipment and defence services.[4][5] Since the 1990s, both countries have striven to consolidate defense relations, and many French military industries have begun to establish co-operation with their Malaysian partners. One example is the French naval shipbuilding company, the DCNS.[1] In 2002, two Malaysian submarines were built in France and Spanish shipyards which were then delivered to Malaysia in 2009 and early 2010.[4] Other French companies have also been actively taking part on the Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show (LIMA) and in DSA exhibitions.[1] Initially, the French-Malaysian defense relationship was based on large military programmes of arms procurement.[4]


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