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France 3 Centre
Launched 1964
Owned by France Télévisions
Slogan "De près, on se comprend mieux"
Country  France
Broadcast area  Centre
Headquarters Orléans
Formerly called FR3 Paris Île-de-France Centre (1975-1992)
France 3 Paris Île-de-France Centre (1992-2010)
Website France 3 Centre

France 3 Centre is one of France 3's regional services broadcasting to people in the Centre-Val de Loire region.It was founded in 1964 as FR3 Paris Île-de-France Centre.The service is headquartered in Orléans,the capital of the region.Prgamming is also produced by France 3 Centre.[1][2]


  • Delphine Cros
  • Wafa Dahman
  • Guy Bensimon
  • Alain-Georges Emonet
  • Alain Heudes
  • Bérénice Du Failly
  • Pierre Bouchenot
  • Antony Masteau
  • Jocelyne Thuet
  • Christophe Carin


  • Soir 3 Centre
  • 12/13 Centre
  • 19/20 Centre
  • 19/20 Édition Berry
  • 19/20 Édition Orléans Loiret
  • 19/20 Édition Touraine Val de Loire

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