France Chrétien Desmarais

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France Chrétien Desmarais
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Lawyer, businesswoman
Spouse(s) André Desmarais
Children 4
Parent(s) Jean Chrétien
Aline Chaîné

France Chrétien Desmarais, CM is a Canadian lawyer and businesswoman. She is the daughter of Jean Chrétien, twentieth Prime Minister of Canada.[1] She is married to André Desmarais, president of the Montreal-based Power Corporation of Canada, and son of Paul Desmarais, a wealthy businessman.[2] They have four children.[3] She and her husband donated the money to build one of the tallest buildings on the University of Ottawa Campus.

She was Chairman of the Board of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation and a graduate of the University of Ottawa. She is also currently chair of the Canadian Olympic Foundation.[3] In 2011, she was made a Member of the Order of Canada.[4]


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