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This article is about the domestic services. For the international services, see France 24.
For the radio network, see France Info (radio network). For the television channel, see France Info (TV channel).

France Info (stylised as franceinfo:) is a brand of news service participated by France Télévisions, Radio France, France Médias Monde and the Institut national de l'audiovisuel.


Launched on 1 June 1987 by Radio France, France Info is a radio network that broadcasts news and information for whole day.

On 11 July 2016, the name of France Télévisions' then-upcoming news channel was announced to be France Info, which was launched on 1 September that year.


On 24 August 2016, France Télévisions' France TV Info online service and Radio France's France Info website were merged into a new look service, which is hosted at web address for the time being. It serves as the official website of both France Info radio and television channels, as well as Radio France and France Télévisions' news offerings.

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