France at the 1928 Summer Olympics

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France at the
1928 Summer Olympics
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IOC code FRA
NOC French National Olympic and Sports Committee
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in Amsterdam
Competitors 255 in 17 sports
Ranked 7th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
6 10 5 21
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1906 Intercalated Games

France competed at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 255 competitors, 219 men and 36 women, took part in 112 events in 17 sports.[1] At the beginning of the games there was an incident where a French coach was physically assaulted by a Stadium gatekeeper who refused him entry. It boiled over to a point where the entire French team did not participate in the Parade of Nations, and conversations were made to pull out of the games completely. However, the issue was resolved and France went on to compete.[2]


Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Gold El Ouafi, BougheraBoughera El Ouafi Athletics Men's marathon August 5
 Gold Beaufrand, RogerRoger Beaufrand Cycling Men's sprint August 6
 Gold Gaudin, LucienLucien Gaudin Fencing Men's épée August 7
Men's foil August 1
 Gold Bouché, DonatienDonatien Bouché, Carl de la Sablière,
André Derrien, Virginie Hériot,
André Lesauvage, Jean Lesieur
Sailing 8 m class August 9
 Gold François, RogerRoger François Weightlifting Men's 75 kg July 29
 Silver Ladoumègue, JulesJules Ladoumègue Athletics Men's 1500 m August 2
 Silver Apell, ArmandArmand Apell Boxing Men's flyweight August 11
 Silver Marion, CharlesCharles Marion Equestrian Individual dressage August 11
 Silver de Balanda, Pierre BertranPierre Bertran de Balanda Equestrian Individual jumping August 12
 Silver Buchard, GeorgesGeorges Buchard Fencing Men's épée August 7
 Silver Amson, GastonGaston Amson, René Barbier,
Georges Buchard, Émile Cornic,
Bernard Schmetz
Fencing Men's team épée August 5
 Silver Cattiau, PhilippePhilippe Cattiau, Roger Ducret,
André Gaboriaud, Lucien Gaudin,
Raymond Flacher, André Labatut
Fencing Men's team foil July 30
 Silver Marcelle, ArmandArmand Marcelle, Edouard Marcelle,
Henri Préaux
Rowing Men's coxed pair August 10
 Silver Hostin, LouisLouis Hostin Weightlifting Men's 82.5 kg July 29
 Silver Pacôme, CharlesCharles Pacôme Wrestling Men's freestyle lightweight August 1
 Bronze Ménard, ClaudeClaude Ménard Athletics Men's high jump July 29
 Bronze men's national water polo team, FranceFrance men's national water polo team
Émile Bulteel
Henri Cuvelier
Paul Dujardin
Jules Keignaert
Henri Padou
Ernest Rogez
Albert Thévenon
Achille Tribouillet
Albert Vandeplancke
Water polo August 11
 Bronze Arnout, FernandFernand Arnout Weightlifting Men's 67.5 kg July 28
 Bronze Lefèbvre, HenriHenri Lefèbvre Wrestling Men's freestyle light heavyweight August 1
 Bronze Dame, EdmondEdmond Dame Wrestling Men's freestyle heavyweight August 1



Men's Flyweight (– 50.8 kg)

Men's Heavyweight (+ 79.4 kg)


Eight cyclists, all men, represented France in 1928.

Individual road race
Team road race
Time trial
Team pursuit




20 fencers, 17 men and 3 women, represented France in 1928.

Men's foil
Men's team foil
Men's épée
Men's team épée
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre
Women's foil




Modern pentathlon[edit]

Three pentathletes, all men, represented France in 1928.




Water Polo[edit]



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