France in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985

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Eurovision Song Contest 1985
Country  France
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 31 March 1985
Selected entrant Roger Bens
Selected song "Femme dans ses rêves aussi"
Finals performance
Final result 10th, 56 points
France in the Eurovision Song Contest
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France was represented by Roger Bens, with the song '"Femme dans ses rêves aussi", at the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 4 May in Gothenburg, Sweden. The song was chosen through a national final organised by broadcaster Antenne 2.


The national final was held on 31 March, hosted by Patrice Laffont and Catherine Ceylac. Fourteen songs took part with the winner chosen by a panel of TV viewers who were telephoned and asked to vote on the songs.[1]

French National Final - 31 March 1985
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Les Jumelles "Notre Symphonie" 30 11
2 Roger Bens "Femme dans ses rêves aussi" 215 1
3 Lucille Marciano "Pour ne pas oublier les hommes" 52 9
4 Julia Romagne "Dolly" 80 6
5 Florence Minet "Le cœur made in amour" 99 4
6 Florence Allora "C'est un sorcier" 63 8
7 Pascal Renard "Mary Jackson" 22 12
8 Sarah d'Armento "Zoom avant" 10 14
9 Henri de Vézins "Amour non-stop" 17 13
10 3+1 "Paris la France" 76 7
11 Betty Dian "Le jour où tu reviendras" 121 2
12 Françoise Robert "Only you, que vous" 103 3
13 Irka & Denis Pépin "Quelque chose me dit" 89 5
14 Nadine Séra "Un autre jour, une autre chance" 39 10

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Bens performed 6th in the running order, following Spain and preceding Turkey. At the close of voting "Femme dans ses rêves aussi" had received 56 points (including a maximum 12 from Greece), placing France 10th of the 19 entries. The French jury awarded its 12 points to Israel.[2]

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