France in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986

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Eurovision Song Contest 1986
Country France
National selection
Selection processL'Eurovision 1986
Selection date(s)22 March 1986
Selected entrantCocktail
Selected song"Européennes"
Finals performance
Final result17th, 13 points
France in the Eurovision Song Contest
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France was present at the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, held in Bergen, Norway.

The French national final to select their entry, L'Eurovision 1986, was held on 22 March at the SFP Studios in Paris, and was hosted by Patrice Laffont, a famous game show host well known for hosting Des chiffres et des lettres.

Fourteen songs made it to the national final, which was broadcast by Antenne 2 across France and to the overseas departments. The winner was decided by a sample of television viewers who were telephoned at random and asked their opinion of each song.

The winning entry was "Européennes," performed by the quartet Cocktail and composed by Georges Costa and Michel Costa.

National final[edit]

Draw Artist Song Informal translation Votes Place
1 Daisy Clerc Homme de lumière Man of light 133 3rd
2 Véronique Bodoin Paris le dimanche matin Paris on Sunday morning 30 13th
3 Sandrine Doukhan J'aimerai demain I will love tomorrow 63 7th
4 Christine Gavalet Nuit blanche White night 35 12th
5 Yves de Roubaix Vivre longtemps To live a long time 147 2nd
6 King Kong & Les Limousines Stop l'amour, pas d'amour Stop love, without love 67 6th
7 Duo Plaisir Eurovision Eurovision 43 9th (tie)
8 Cocktail Européennes European girls 158 1st
9 Claire Axèle Mélodie Melody 76 5th
10 Jean-Louis Richerme La roue tourne The wheel turns 43 9th (tie)
11 Catherine Perbost Fils d'Ellington Son of Ellington 36 11th
12 Marc Juillet Je vis dans un rêve I live in a dream 55 8th
13 Sonja Wiggers Le cœur branché The connected heart 24 14th
14 Lucille Marciano Comme une chanteuse de blues Like a blues songstress 113 4th

At Eurovision[edit]

Before performing at Bergen, Cocktail changed their name to Cocktail Chic. They were the third act on the night of the Contest, following Yugoslavia and preceding Norway. At the close of the voting the song had received 13 points, placing 17th in a field of 20 competing countries. At the time it was the worst placing for France in the Contest's history.

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