France national korfball team

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Association UFOLEP National Korfball Committee
IKF code FRA France
IKF rank 29 (Nov.2012)
World Championships
Appearances 2
First appearance 1984
Best result 8th, 1984
European Bowl
Appearances 2
First appearance 2007
Best result 3rd place, 2007

The France national korfball team is managed by the UFOLEP National Korfball Committee, representing France in korfball international competitions.

Tournament history[edit]

World Championships[1]
Year Championship Host Classification
1984 2nd World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 8th place
1987 3rd World Championship Makkum (The Netherlands) 12th place

European Bowl
Year Championship Host Classification
2007 2nd European Bowl[2] Luxembourg 3rd place
2009 3rd European Bowl[3] Luxembourg (West) 6th place (West)

Current squad[edit]

National team in the 2009 European Bowl

  • Marlene Damin
  • Adeline Garde
  • Amadine Leroy
  • Lauriane Lopez
  • Aude Marhin
  • Gaelle Rupil
  • Audrey Sabot
  • Jeremy Bancel
  • Ludovic Bancel
  • Clement Chareyre
  • Nicolas Chareyre
  • David Dupuy
  • Florian Masson
  • Remi Miguel
  • Coach: Denis Dancert


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