France national roller hockey team

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France national roller hockey team
Association France Roller Sports Federation
Confederation CERH
Head coach Fabien Savreux
Captain Sébastien Landrin
Current CIRH 5[1]

The France national roller hockey team is the national team side of France at international roller hockey. Usually it is part of FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup and CERH European Roller Hockey Championship.

France squad - 64th Nations Cup [2][edit]

# Player Hometown Club
1 Gaëtan Guillomet
10 Olivier Gelebart

Field Players
# Player Hometown Club
2 Loïc Le Menn
3 Sébastien Furstenberger
4 Omar Nedder
5 Florent David
6 Anthony Weber
7 Sébastien Landrin (Captain)
8 Nicolas Guilbert
9 Sébastien Cano
Team Staff
  • General Manager: Philippe Aubre
  • General Manager: Dan Mortreux
  • Physiotherapist: Hedi Ben Brahim
Coaching Staff
  • Head Coach: Fabien Savreux
  • Assistant: Thierry Cadet



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