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For the admiral, see Francis Roe.

Frances M. A. Roe, born Frances Marie Antoinette Mack (died 6 May 1920) was the wife of U. S. Army officer Fayette Washington Roe, ultimately a Lieutenant Colonel, who was sent to Fort Lyon in Colorado Territory in 1871. She accompanied him and recorded her life during these years in a memoir.[1] While her husband's career has been described as "unremarkable",[2] Roe continues to be known on the basis of her book for the accurate picture of Army life it painted.[3] Black soldiers from this period became known as the "Buffalo Soldiers"; Roe's was the first documented use of the name.[4][5][6] Roe said of the Buffalo Soldiers:

These ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ are active, intelligent, and resolute men; are perfectly willing to fight the Indians, whenever they may be called upon to do so, and appear to me to be rather superior to the average of white men recruited in time of peace.[4]

Roe is buried with her husband in Arlington National Cemetery.


  • Army letters from an officer's wife, 1871-1888, 1909


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