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Francesca Bria is an Italian information technologist and advisor on digital strategy, technology and information policy. She is the Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer for the City of Barcelona and she is the founder of the Decode Project, an EU-wide effort to reclaim data sovereignty of citizens.[1]


Bria has a background in social science and innovation economics and an MSc in E-business and Innovation from the University College of London, Birkbeck. She was a Senior Project Lead in the Innovation Lab. She was EU Coordinator of the D-CENT project on direct democracy and social digital currencies and principle investigator of the DSI project on digital social innovation in Europe.[2]

Bria is a member of the Internet of Things Council and an advisor for the European Commission on Future Internet and Smart Cities policy.[3] She is also a member of the EC Expert Group on Open Innovation (OISPG)[4] and a member of the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things (IERC).[5]

Bria has been advising the City of Rome and the Region of Lazio on innovation policy, open technology, and open cities. She is also active in various grassroots movements advocating for open access, knowledge commons and open, decentralised privacy aware technologies.[6]


In 2018, Bria was named in Europe's Top 50 Women In Tech, 50 women from across Europe who are putting technology at the heart of their businesses assembled by Forbes.[7]


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