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Franceschetto Cybo (baptized Francesco) (c. 1450 – 25 July 1519) was an Italian nobleman, the illegitimate son of Pope Innocent VIII (Giovanni Battista Cybo).

Born in Naples, he was married for diplomatic reasons to Lorenzo de' Medici's daughter, Maddalena de' Medici. He was therefore brother-in-law to Pope Leo X (Giovanni de' Medici).

Despite his exceeding passion for card playing, he received from his father important positions in the Papal States: governor of Rome (1488), the fiefs of Cerveteri and Anguillara (1490) and the title of Count of the Lateran Palace. In 1490 he attempted to steal the Papal treasure.

Two years later, after Innocent VIII's death, he moved to Tuscany and Genoa, but could return to Rome thanks to the election of the more favourable Pope Julius II (1503). Julius gave him the title of Duke of Spoleto.

He died in 1519 after a trip to Tunis. He is buried in Innocent VIII's sepulchre in St. Peter's Basilica.

His sons include Innocenzo Cybo, a cardinal, Lorenzo Cybo, founder of the Cybo Malaspina line, and Caterina Cybo, Duchess of Camerino.