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Francesco F. Alfieri

Francesco Ferdinando Alfieri of Padova was a 17th-century master of the Italian school of swordsmanship and “Maestro D’Arme” to the Accademia Delia in Padua in 1640.


Several manuals by Alfieri are known:

  • La Scherma was published in 1640, and a second edition released in 1645.
  • L’arte di ben maneggiare la spada in 1653 was a second version of La Scherma with some revisions and a new section on the Spadone (or great sword). A second edition was published as late as 1683.
  • La Bandiera (the Standard or Flag), in 1638
  • La Picca (The Pike), in 1641

Approach and reputation[edit]

Alfieri was the first Italian swordsmanship author to amply quote, reference and comment on earlier masters. For instance, we know he was an ardent admirer of earlier Paduan sword master Salvator Fabris, whom he calls "a man of the greatest name in our profession." On the other hand, he sharply criticises Achille Marozzo and Ridolfo Capoferro and strongly disagrees with some of their positions.

In turn, Alfieri was amply quoted and praised by the 19th-century Italian swordsmanship master Francesco Antonio Marcelli, giving us an indication that his teaching enjoyed some popularity in the 17th century.

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