Francesco Antonio Begnudelli-Basso

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Francesco Antonio Begnudelli-Basso (born at Trento; died at Freising, 9 October 1713) was an Austrian canon lawyer.


From 1675 he was Vicar-General of the Diocese of Trent, his native place. In 1679, however, he held a canonry in Freising Cathedral, where also he became in 1696 vicar-general of the diocese, and where he died.


His "Bibliotheca juris canonico-civilis practica seu repertoium quaestionum magis practicarum in utroque foro" established him among the canonists of his day. He speaks in the clearest terms of papal infallibility. The work was published in Freising in 1712, for vols. in folio; Geneva, 1747; Modena and Venice, 1758. It was made effectively obsolete by later editions of Lucius Ferraris's "Bibliotheca".