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Francesco Arancio (born 1844) was an Italian painter.

He was born in Palermo, where he first trained under Salvatore Lo Forte. In 1870, he won a bronze medal at the Exposition of Palermo for his painting of a large realistic portrait of a Garibaldino and similarly a bronze medal from Messina for a small canvas representing the choir of the Cathedral of Palermo; and an honorable mention at the Casino delle Arti in Palermo for a small canvas depicting a half-figure. He also completed many portraits of prominent families of Palermo.[1] Among his works are:

  • Interior of the Church of the Martorana.
  • Madonna dell'Arco for the church of San Francesco da Paola in Palermo
  • Madonna del perpetuo soccorso on gilded wood, for the church of Santi Pietro e Paolo in Palermo
  • Sant'Antonio for the church of Sepolcro in Bagheria, near Palermo
  • The choir of the Cathedral of Palermo
  • La Pesca
  • Studio dal vero


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