Francesco Bonsignori

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F. Bonsignori, San Sebastiano (Arezzo, Museo Statale d'Arte)

Francesco Bonsignori (1455 – 2 July 1519) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period.


He was born in Verona, and miscalled by Vasari and others Monsignori. In Verona, he was under the influence or a pupil of Liberale da Verona. In 1487, he went to Mantua, where he was largely patronized by Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua and was influenced by Andrea Mantegna. He died in Caldiero, near Verona.

He excelled in painting animals. In the Brera at Milan is his St. Louis and in the refectory of the church of San Francesco (Mantua) are some perspective views. His last production was The Vision of Christ to the nun Ozanna, dated 1519, and now in the Academy at Mantua.



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