Francesco Canaveri

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Francesco Antonio Canaveri
Francesco canaveris.jpg
Personal details
Born 1753
Cuneo, Piedmont, Kingdom of Sardinia
Died 1836
Turin, Piedmont, Kingdom of Sardinia
Nationality Flag of Italy.svg Italian
Occupation Professor
Profession Medic

Francesco Antonio Canaveri (1753-1836) was an Italian Physician and Professor of Anatomy. He was a tenacious opponent of the doctrines of Cullen and Brown [1]


Francesco Canaveri born 1753 in Mondovì, Italy, he began his studies in Rhetoric and Philosophy in the University of Turin.[2] In 1788, he was elected to the post of prefect the Turin School of Medicine, the preparation stage, according to the custom of the time, a college degree, in 1796 he became professor of materia medica and anatomy.[3] In 1799 during the Napoleonic occupation of Piedmont, Canaveri had been chosen to lead medical schools beyond the Alps. Between 1800-1814 he was appointed Inspector of the medical schools.[4]

Canaveri was expert in the field of medicine, was the author of several popular works in this matter, De vitalitatis oeconomia (1801),[5] Saggio sopra il dolore: dissertazione (1803),[6] Analyse et réfutation des élémens de médecine du D. J. Brown (1805) and Neuronomia, (1836) published after his death.[7]

Francesco Canaveri died in February, 1836 in Turin at the age of 82 years


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