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Francesco Grillo

Francesco Grillo is an Italian political economy scientist, journalist and manager.

He holds a degree in Economics at LUISS and a Master in Business Administration from Boston University where he studied as Fulbright student (U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission). He completed his Phd at London School of Economics with a thesis on the effectiveness of spending tax payers' money on R&D in less developed regions and a focus on Structural Funds.

He is Advisor to the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research on smart cities and innovation. Academic visitor at St Antony's College, Oxford,[1] Affiliate Professor at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and he also advises European Commission and DG Regio on smart specialization strategies.

He is managing director of Vision&Value,[2] a consultancy firm running projects for multinationals and Public Institutions amongst which the European Commission. He is also director of the think tank Vision,[3] where he leads projects on the "university of the future" and "social innovation". Both companies are located in Rome, London and Brussels. Previously he worked for Bank of Tokyo in London, as manager for the Italian market. Moreover, he has been associate with McKinsey.

He is columnist for Corriere della Sera and previously for Il Messaggero. His analysis cover topics related to economy and international politics, effects of ICT on society,[4] Europe. He holds few blogs, for The Guardian,[5] Il Mattino, Reset and Linkiesta; his analysis have been quoted by international media, such as The Economist and The Guardian and he has been interviewed by BBC. He also published for the UK web magazine OpenDemocracy. He wrote four books and a number of referred scientific articles focused on regional innovation strategies.


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