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Francesco Lamperti

Francesco Lamperti (11 March 1811 or 1813 – 1 May 1892) was an Italian singing teacher.

A native of Savona, Lamperti attended the Milan Conservatory where, beginning in 1850, he taught for a quarter of a century. He was director at the Teatro Filodrammatico in Lodi. In 1875 he left the school and began to teach as a private tutor. Among his pupils were Sophie Cruvelli, Emma Albani, Gottardo Aldighieri, Désirée Artôt, Sona Aslanova, David Bispham, Italo Campanini, Virgilio Collini, Franz Ferenczy, Friederike Grün, Teresa Stolz, Marie van Zandt, Maria Waldmann, Herbert Witherspoon, and Lizzie Graham.[1] See: List of music students by teacher: K to M#Francesco Lamperti. His methods were very similar to older Italian methods, and he wrote a number of treatises on the subject.

Lamperti was created a Commander of the Crown of Italy for his services to music. He died in Como in 1892.

His son Giovanni Battista Lamperti (1839–1910) was also a well-known voice teacher.


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