Francesco Londonio

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Francesco Londonio
Born 1723
Died 1783
Nationality Italian
Education Ferdinando Porta, Giovanni Battista Sassi, and Benigno Bossi.
Known for Painting, Engraving, and Scenography
Movement Rococo, Genre
Engraving of Two Cows, c. 1750

Francesco Londonio (Milan, 1723 – Milan, 1783)[1] was an Italian painter, engraver, and scenographer, active mainly in Milan in a late-Baroque or Rococo style.

Londonio trained as a painter under Ferdinando Porta and Giovanni Battista Sassi in Milan, but traveled to Rome and Naples. He studied engraving with Benigno Bossi. He is best known for his paintings and ectchings of rustic and pastoral landscapes and subjects, with both animals and peasants playing a dominating role over the landscape. This focus on genre themes was popular among the wealthy patrons of the time, specially in Northern Italy; and artists such as the Brescian painters Ceruti and Cifrondi worked with such themes. In his engravings, he recalls Gaetano Zompini.

Londonio is also known for his scenography. An example, of this poorly conserved art form that still exists is a nativity scene on cut wooden shapes for the church of San Marco in Milan. The effect is a cheaper version of the naturalistic Sacri Monti scenes, which had been painted stucco statuary. It also can be seen as a cross between the holy scenes described above, and the theatrical set pieces, for example, those needed for the newly founded La Scala theater. The work at San Marco prompted Empress Maria Theresa of Austria appointed Londonio as art designer for La Scala.


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