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Francesco Mancini (16 January 1672 – 22 September 1737) was a Neapolitan composer.


He was an important teacher and managed to obtain his greatest duty during Alessandro Scarlatti's absence from the Neapolitan court, between 1702 and 1708. In this period he was Director of the Conservatorio di S Maria di Loreto as well as being first organist and maestro of the Capella Reale. His assistant was Giuseppe Porsile.


His works include 29 operas, sonatas, 7 serenatas, 12 oratorios and more than 200 secular cantatas in addition to assorted sacred music and a small amount of instrumental music. Today he is best known for his recorder sonatas.


  • Missa Septimus SSATB [25'46"]. Currende, cond. Erik Van Nevel. KTC4031


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